American Muscle Car Club
of Panama City, Florida
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Club Bylaws   (Revised April 2012)
American Muscle Car Club of Panama City

Article I - Name
  1. The name of the club will be the American Muscle Car Club of Panama City (herein after referred to as "AMCC").
Article II - Purpose
  1. The purpose of AMCC is to encourage and promote interest in collecting, restoring and exhibiting automobiles and to cultivate fellowship among auto enthusiasts.
  2. AMCC will actively work in the community, sponsoring and hosting charity events and/or fund-raising events for local organizations.
Article III - Time and Place of Meetings
  1. Monthly meetings will be held on a regularly scheduled date and time as set by the Officers of AMCC and approved by the membership.
  2. Monthly meetings will be held at a designated location as set by the Officers of AMCC and approved by the membership.
Article IV - Membership and Dues
  1. Ownership of an automobile is not mandatory for membership. All new applications for membership will be reviewed by the Membership Committee before AMCC membership is final.
  2. Dues for membership are set by the Officers of AMCC and approved by the membership.
  3. AMCC Membership Committee will consist of club members appointed by the President.
  4. Application for membership can be made to any AMCC member. The applicant will be provided with an application form to be completed with his or her information. All applications will be reviewed by the membership committee and approved/denied by a majority vote of said committee. At this time, the prospective member will be notified and, if accepted, the payment of dues should be made.
  5. New members paying dues in the 4th quarter of the year will be considered paid in full for the following year.
  6. To keep membership current, annual dues must be paid by March 1st. Members who fail to pay their dues by March 1st will be removed from the membership list until such time as they have been paid in full.
Article V - Election of Officers
  1. AMCC Officers will consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Officers will be elected for a one-year term and shall assume their duties on January 1st.
  2. There will be no “term limits” for elected officers.
  3. Nominations will be held at the October meeting.
  4. Elections will be held at the November meeting.
  5. Written ballots will be used for election of Officers.
  6. All club members in good standing who are over the age of 18 are eligible to run for office.
  7. Any officer or club member may be asked to step down from his/her position or removed from AMCC by a majority vote of members present at a regularly scheduled meeting.
  8. If an officer resigns his/her position for any reason during their term, the remaining senior officer will call an emergency business meeting to be held within 7 days of the resignation. At said meeting, nominations will be accepted to fill the vacant position and elections will be held directly following the nominations. The newly elected officer shall assume his/her duties immediately.
Article VI - Duties of Officers
  1. The President will preside at meetings. The President will appoint the following as needed:
            a. Membership Committee members
            b. Project Chairmen
  2. The Vice President will act as assistant to the President and shall perform the duties of the President in his or her absence.
  3. The Secretary will record the minutes of all meetings and provide copies to club members upon their request.
  4. The Treasurer shall receive and disburse AMCC funds as authorized, keep a detailed account of all receipts and disbursements and report them to the club at meetings as requested.
  5. The Treasurer shall preside at meetings in the absence of other officers.
  6. All Officers, at the expiration of their term of office, will deliver to their successors all books, papers, money or other AMCC property in their possession.
Article VII - Revenue and Disbursements
  1. AMCC revenue will be derived from payment of dues by club members.
  2. AMCC Officers will be authorized to sign checks. The checkbook will be in the possession of the Treasurer.
  3. AMCC will maintain a minimum reserve of $500 in their savings account at all time. This will ensure adequate funding for one year's expenses in the event of a financial hardship and allow the club time to recover.
Article VIII - Government
  1. All club members are eligible to vote.
  2. The Officers will have the authority to solve disciplinary problems.
  3. All members are expected to maintain high and ethical standards within the community.
  4. There will be no alcoholic beverages or any drug-related substances consumed at any AMCC-sponsored functions.
  5. To adopt, amend, suspend or rescind these bylaws, the proposed changes shall be introduced at any regular monthly business meeting and adopted by a two-thirds vote of members in attendance at the next business meeting.
Article IX - Events
  1. In the event that the club has limited parking available (Ex. Friday Fest), members will be required to request parking from the club secretary. Requests may be made via email or phone by 6pm the Wednesday prior to the event. Parking will be issued on a “first come, first served” basis, in the order the requests are received. Members will not be allowed to request parking for other club members. Guest parking requested will be put on a “wait list” until after the deadline for members to RSVP. In the event that requests exceed parking available, preference will be given to those members who regularly attend meetings and/or attend events at which they represent AMCC. In extreme cases, parking may be limited to one car per family. Final parking lineup will be sent out to all members as soon as possible after the deadline but no later than 6pm on the day before the event. Decisions on the final parking lineup will be made by the club President.
These revised bylaws were accepted and approved by the members present at the January 2013 business meeting by a majority vote.

Sammy Allen, President

Jeff Duggins, Vice President

Marsha Allen, Secretary/Treasurer

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