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Our name says it all - we are a car club that loves American muscle cars! We are based out of Panama City, Florida. <br><br> Our club started as a branch of the Miracle Strip Mopar Club in Ft. Walton. In 2002 we changed our name and opened up to all "Muscle Car" types. But don't let our name fool you, membership is not limited to strictly "muscle cars" -- we love all cars! Our members have all types of automobiles from T-Buckets and Corvettes to everything in between. <br><br> We make our way around the Southeast United States attending car shows, car events and exploring the roads in search of what's new around the corner. We love road trips and meeting new, friendly people who care about their cars, their neighbors and other car enthusiasts. </font> <br><br> <center><a href="member-cars.html"><font color="#000099" size="5"><strong>Members' Cars</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="bylaws.html"><strong><font color="#000099" size="5">Club Bylaws</font></strong></a></center> </b></p></td></tr></table> <hr align="center" width="650" font color="#ff0000"></hr> <table align="center" width="625"> <tr align="center"> <td><img src="images/AMCC 2017 group pic sm2.jpg" width="650" height="375" alt="" border="1"> <br><br> <img src="images/Group edited sm2.jpg" width="650" height="375" alt="" border="1"></td> </tr></table> <table align="center" width="625"> <tr> <td><br><center><font face="Monotype Corsiva" size="6" color="#000099"><strong>Event Info</strong> </center> <hr align="center" width="650" font color="#ff0000"></hr> <table align="center" width="625"> <tr align="center"> <td><img src="images/2017 AMCC Project 25 Group.jpg" width="700" height="300" alt="" border="1"> </tr></table> <center><font face="Arial" color="#cc0000" size="4">A SPECIAL THANKS!</center> <br> The 2017 AMCC Project 25 Car Show was once again a GREAT success with cash and toys totalling over $25,000. AMCC thanks all the car clubs and individuals that participated this year. Once again we broke the previous record for the Bay County Sheriff's Office. <br><br> <font face="Arial" color="#000000" size="4"> What's Next for 2018? <br><br> Wednesday August 8 -Wheels & Wings Wednesday 6-8pm at Beef O'Bradys in Callaway <br><br> Saturday August 11  Bay Mustang Club cruise in at Sonic in Callaway 7-9pm <br><br> The Usual Stuff........ <br><br> Because of our strong ties with the various other car clubs in Bay County, we also participate in their monthly cruise-ins, which have a large variety of rides to check out and dozens of friendly people to meet and interact with. <br><br> We have our monthly meetings on the 2nd Thursday of each month from 6:30 - 7:30 pm at O'Charley's on 23rd Street in Panama City. Most of our members arrive early to eat and socialize with each other. If you'd like to attend a meeting, please email us for this month's location. <br><br> We also sometimes team up with other local car clubs to help out several other charities such as the Rescue Mission, Humane Society, and Boys and Girls Club of Bay County. <br><br> Plus, learn more about the latest events and club pictures on Facebook <A HREF="https://www.facebook.com/pages/American-Muscle-Car-Club-of-Panama-City/180681637719"> <IMG SRC="images/fb.png" WIDTH="40" HEIGHT="40" BORDER="0" ALT="Stop by and join us on Facebook!"><br> </a></p></font></td></tr></table> <br> <hr align="center" width="650" font color="#ff0000"></hr> <table align="center" width="650"> <tr> <td><br><center><font face="Monotype Corsiva" size="6" color="#000099"><strong>Club Officers and Contact Info:</strong> </center></font></td></tr></table> <table align="center" width="650" cellpadding="10"> <tr> <td valign="top"><br><font face="Arial" color="#000000" size="4"><strong>President: </strong></font></td> <td valign="top"><br><font face="Arial" color="#000000" size="4">Sammy Allen</font> </td> <td valign="top"><br><a href="mailto:president@amccpc.com"><font color="#000099" size="4"><strong>president@amccpc.com</strong> </a></font></td></tr> <tr> <td valign="top"><br><font face="Arial" color="#000000" size="4"><strong>Vice President: </strong></font></td> <td valign="top"><br><font face="Arial" color="#000000" size="4">Jeff Duggins</font></td> <td valign="top"><br><a href="mailto:vpresident@amccpc.com"><font color="#000099" size="4"><strong>vpresident@amccpc.com</strong></a></font></td></tr> <tr> <td valign="top"><br><font face="Arial" color="#000000" size="4"><strong>Admin/Treasurer: </strong></font></td> <td valign="top"><br><font face="Arial" color="#000000" size="4">Marsha Allen</font> </td> <td valign="top"><br><a href="mailto:admin@amccpc.com"><font color="#000099" size="4"><strong>admin@amccpc.com</strong></a></font></td></tr> </table> <br> <hr align="center" width="650" font color="#ff0000"></hr> <table align="center" width="625"> <tr align="center"> <td><br><font size="5" color="#000099"><strong> American Muscle Car Club</font><br> <font size="4" color="#000000">PO Box 65<br> Lynn Haven, FL 32444<br><br> Email:&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="mailto:Info@amccpc.com"><font color="#000099"> info@amccpc.com</a></font><br><br> Facebook Page: <A HREF="https://www.facebook.com/pages/American-Muscle-Car-Club-of-Panama-City/180681637719"> <IMG SRC="images/fbthumb.png" WIDTH="40" HEIGHT="40" BORDER="0" ALT="Stop by and join us on Facebook!"><br> </a></p> <p><b>Like what you see and want to join, download the <a href="AMCC Application-2014.pdf"> membership application</a> and return it to the next event or contact our Admin. </b></p></font></td></tr></table> <br> <hr align="center" width="650" font color="#ff0000"></hr> <!--msnavigation--></td></tr><!--msnavigation--></table><!--msnavigation--><table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="100%"><tr><td><br> <p style="MARGIN-TOP: 0px; MARGIN-BOTTOM: 0px; WORD-SPACING: 0px" align="center"> <p style="MARGIN-TOP: 0px; MARGIN-BOTTOM: 0px; WORD-SPACING: 0px" align="center"><font face="Comic Sans MS" size="2"> <p style="MARGIN-TOP: 0px; MARGIN-BOTTOM: 0px; WORD-SPACING: 0px" align="center"> <b><font face="Comic Sans MS" size="3" color="#000099">Copyright 2018 -</font><font face="Comic Sans MS" color="#000099" size="2"> </font><font face="Comic Sans MS" color="#cc0000" size="4">American Muscle Car Club </font></b></p> <p style="MARGIN-TOP: 0px; MARGIN-BOTTOM: 0px; WORD-SPACING: 0px" align="center"> <b><font size="2" color="#000099"> <p style="MARGIN-TOP: 0px; MARGIN-BOTTOM: 0px; WORD-SPACING: 0px" align="center"> <b><font face="Comic Sans MS" size="2" color="#000099">This Site is Hosted by</font> <a href="http://www.godaddy.com"><font color="#cc0000">Go Daddy</a></font></font></b></p> <p style="MARGIN-TOP: 0px; MARGIN-BOTTOM: 0px" align="center"><b> <font face="Comic Sans MS" size="2" color="#000099">Please let us know of any bad links.</font><font size="1">&nbsp; </font><font face="Comic Sans MS" size="2"> <a href="mailto:webmaster@amccpc.com"> <font color="#cc0000">Webmaster</a></font></b></p> <p style="MARGIN-TOP: 0px; MARGIN-BOTTOM: 0px" align="center">&nbsp;</p> </td></tr><!--msnavigation--></table><br><br><br> </body> </html>